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The PHOD concept was born out of some of the harsh realities we have all been forced to deal with due to the pandemic. The PHOD (Purist, Halo, Order Direct) was developed to give every South African access to essential hygiene products, as well as the best quality drinking water in safe packaging that is environmentally responsible and fully renewable, at direct from manufacturer prices delivered to your home. These basic products have been overlooked in the online offerings available. The need to disinfect, sanitise and drink good quality water is so basic to our everyday life and survival. The need to disinfect and sanitise will be with us for the rest of time and even though it has taken almost a year to carefully develop our range of products, the focus has been single-mindedly on the effectiveness of the product to ensure we maximize the efficacy. We do this by removing all the frills like adding fragrance or specific colour additives which ultimately reduce the efficacy of most cleaning and disinfectant products. All our Purist hygiene products are at maximum efficacy levels and are all certified anti- bacterial products killing 99.9% of germs or more.


Our Halo Water is produced from a distillation process using sea water to produce a pure water that has been boiled and re-mineralised to ensure the safest and most responsible drinking water that does not put strain on our limited municipal and spring water sources.


Why Halo and Purist? All cleaning and disinfecting products are made up mostly of water and what most people do not realise is that the quality of the water in those products affects the germ and bacteria kill rate (efficacy).
By partnering with Halo water the Purist brand is able to maximize the efficacy of all its Cleaning, Disinfecting and sanitising products. In time to come you will be able to purchase only the active ingredients in these products in an exciting new development which will be part of The PHOD experience in the near future, so watch this space.


Purist Hygiene Sanitation

The Budchem Group of companies has decided to use its expertise to get a high-quality sanitiser into the hands of all South Africans to effectively combat the spread of germs and bacteria, such as COVID-19.


Cerebos as part of the Budchem Group has developed a range of hand sanitisation and surface cleaner products, in various pack sizes at very competitive prices.

Hand Sanitiser_Group.png


We all know about the importance of drinking water and how hugely it affects our health and general wellbeing. That’s why we have created “Halo Water”. Prepared through perfected reverse osmosis, Halo provides you with clean, healthy water packaged in a variety of colourful BPA-free bottles. Halo is available in both 350ml and 750ml sizes.

All our Halo bottles are BPA-free, reusable and recyclable. We are bottling water that’s good for you, your family and the earth.



Cerebos is a long established business with a strong internationally known brand, which is the market leader in the retail salt market in South Africa with extended distribution into Southern Africa. The company’s industrial business is focused on the supply of quality salt to the food manufacturing, sector while the retail division strives to deliver to the consumer with an array of value added convenience products.

Cerebos Table Salt 500g.jpg

How It's Made

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